Study in Australia

Every student is unique, we understand that and we help find the best course that suits your needs. We can assist you with your university/High school/language school/TAFE application and guide you through the visa requirements.


Assist you with different types of visas and immigration requirements, including visitor visa, student visa, individual skilled visa, investment visa, 485 etc.

Professional Year

Need a year of experience once you graduate, we can assist Accounting/IT/Engineering student to apply for a professional year. We have partnered with some of the leading professional year providers in Australia, to provide you a quality experience at a discounted rate. We also help with the 485 visa application

Other Services

Coming to Australia for the first time or need help with open a bank Account, applying for tax file number, tax filing, airport pickup, moving homes, guardian services (underage students) ? We are here to take care of all your needs

How to apply Australian Universities/Secondary Schools?

AusRoad can help you find the most suitable course for your individual needs.

  • School Selection
  • Collecting Documents
  • Submitting Course Application
  • Tracking
  • Acceptance and Payment
  • Visa
  • Pre University preparation
  • Arrival Services

Education Counselling

Step 1

With so many courses and universities to choose from, deciding where and what to study can be a daunting task. Our experienced counselors understanding your study goals and help you find the course that best matches your study goals.

Collecting Documents

Step 2

We help identify the appropriate documents and confirm whether these are up to university requirements. (1-2 working days)
Some of the identifying documents list for applying institutions include:
middle school graduation certificate/high school graduation certificate/degree transcript
passport A4 color scan
IELTS score
*AEAS score (optional), etc.

Submitting Course Application

Step 3

Once the document stage is complete, we then submit your application to the school (within 3 days). We constantly keep you updated about your application status.

Tracking/Following up with the Institution

Step 4

You will receive a response from the institution usually within 2 - 6 weeks of your application being submitted depending on the enrolment time.

Acceptance and Payment

Step 5

If you are given an unconditional offer i.e. there are no conditions on your offer letter that you need to meet, we help you accept the offer immediately. Examples of conditional offers include supplying a new IELTS test result, supplying an academic transcript of recently completed study, or supplying certified documents. Once you accept your offer, we would then assist you to buy a medical insurance and pay your tuition fee. After school receive the payment, the official offer will be sent to you within 1-2 weeks.

Visa/Medical Check

Step 6

The next stage is the medical check and preparation of necessary documents for your visa. As different visa type requires different documents, our counselor will help you identify the appropriate documents required and assist you with the visa application process.

Pre University Preparation

Step 7

You are all set to study a degree in Australia ! You also need to arrange your accommandation, airport pickup, open bank account, prepare your luggage, identifying a proper mobile plan etc. Rest assured at Ausroad, we have been through the process with the students, and will help you at every step of the way. No worries, hassle free.


Step 8

After you arrive in Australia, we wont just let you on your way...We will periodically be in touch to see how you are going and understand your living conditions. If you have any trouble, we will try our best to help you out. We want our clients to be happy and do well in Australia

Migration / Visa

Migration has always been a complex process that is subjected to the constant fulfillment of subsequent government’s policies and priorities.

IELTS/NATTI/Professional Year

AusRoad helps you to apply IELTS, NATTI and Professional Year Courses. Apply before August and receive a discounted price! * For Professional Year courses, we help you apply for 485 visa for free and a discounted service fee for PR application.

  • IELTS:No matter what score you are trying to achieve, or how you would like to study in a group class, a personalized one on one class. We can always find an IELTS course for you!
  • Want to become a translator or interpreter, then take on a NATTI course? a NATTI course brings value to your immigration process by adding 5 points to your score!We can help you find you a right course.
  • Professional Year:A professional year helps you achieve the skills you require for a workplace. A professional year is only applicable to accounting, IT and Engineering students. The course runs for a year after the completion of your graduation degree on a post study working visa (or 485 visa). The course provides benefit to career search in Australia and also improves your chances of migration.

Business Partner

Our Business Partners include professional personal training, volunteering association and travel agencies in Melbourne.

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Our AusRoad Education & Immigration office is located in the heart of Melbourne and is easy to find: 1006/55 Swanston Street, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, 3000.